Classen confirms 2012 agreement with Välinge Classen Intellectual Property GmbH confirms the continuation of an exclusive licensing.

Classen Intellectual Property GmbH (Classen IP) confirms the continuation of an exclusive licensing agreement with its partner Välinge signed in January 2012, and provides details relating to its on-going strategic partnership with I4F (Innovations4Flooring)

Välinge continues to hold exclusive sub-licensing rights for the Classen fold-down patents listed in the 2012 agreement. I4F (Innovations4Flooring) is Classen‘s R&D partner and represents all Classen patents except those fold-down patents falling under the 2012 agreement with Välinge.

Classen IP and I4F operate as two fully separate and independent companies. Likewise, Classen IP carries no responsibilities for market statements made by I4F or its directors and is only responsible for statements, pub-lished by Classen and its subsidiaries.