Classen Group: Innovations and highlights at the Domotex and Bau NEO by Classen is nominated for 'Innovations@Domotex' as one of the product innovatios of 2015.

New floor board in an XXL format, industrial digital production and elastic design flooring on the newly developed CSF Flexboard. In January 2015, the Classen Group presented a wide range of its expertise at two of the world's leading trade fairs: the Domotex in Hanover and the Bau in Munich. In the exhibitor competition at the Domotex 2015, the 'Innovations@Domotex', the natural design flooring  'Neo by Classen' was also nominated by an independent jury as one of THE product innovations of the year 2015.

Successful market start for 'Neo by Classen'

After its successful launch in 2014, the Classen Group will be presenting a new enhanced format and digital concept for the 'Neo by Classen' at the fairs in January 2015. The company Classen was also highly satisfied with the launch of its newly developed natural design flooring. This new floor covering generation, which contains no PVC or plasticisers, was very well received by the industry and dealers alike. Since its launch, the demand for 'Neo by Classen' has grown steadily.

Neo by Classen stone_15

'Neo by Classen' in a new XXL format

From its premiere in 2014 until today, the design flooring 'Neo by Classen' is an absolute novelty: it is waterproof, absolutely free of environmentally harmful substances like chlorine, formaldehyde or heavy metals, because 'Neo by Classen' is not a PVC flooring; the natural design flooring is made of an organic material based on polypropylene-sheathed natural fibres, such as wood from PEFC-certified, sustainable forestry operations. Polypropylene is an olefin that is also used to package food and medicinal products and is therefore considered food-safe. In light of this, 'Neo by Classen' is a design flooring that has all arguments on its side both in term of ecology and hygiene. 'Neo by Classen' will also be presented in its new XXL dimension of 180 cm x 24 cm at the upcoming DOMOTEX 2015 in Hanover and the BAU 2015 in Munich.

 Elastic design flooring on the newly developed CSF Flexboard

Based on the CSF organic material developed by Classen, an elastic floor covering will be celebrating its premiere at both  fairs. The newly developed 'CSF Flexboard' is the systematic further development of the previously semi-rigid CSF organic material carrier. The new floor covering is therefore as elastic as a classic LVT design flooring, but has redefined the issue of 'LVT' in an environmentally compatible way. The Classen Group has therefore once again proved its innovation leadership in the field of ecological-sustainable manufacturing of design flooring. This new product comprises individually definable levels of elasticity from semi-rigid carriers through to a fully elastic material base. The molecular structure of the CSF Flexboard is a purely modified polypropylene-based elastomer. Similar to other CSF-based design flooring, the CSF Flexboard is completely free of PVC. It is waterproof and can be recycled to 100%. The CSF flexboard-based flooring is highly durable thanks to the improved new formula of the 'Sealtec-pro' surface. The target group for the new floor covering will be upmarket dealers and contract business.

 wiparquet with new decors and collections

The company wiparquet GmbH Innenausbausysteme, the dealer brand of the Classen Group, has also enjoyed a successful year in 2014. The range concept for 2015 will be expanded and renewed. wiparquet presented its new collections called 'Xpedition No.1' and 'Xpediton No. 2' at the Domotex 2014; all the decors of these products were reproduced digitally. In 2015 the existing collections will be supplemented by the new 'Young Artist Seven' and 'Young Artist Style' lines. The collection 'Young Artist Seven' is 7mm thick and has structured surfaces featuring classic laminate decors. The suffix 'Style' stands for laminate flooring with the same features, however with fibres on the long side of the elements or all-round thus lending the finished floor a higher quality appearance. Also, an XXL board collection by the wiparquet brand will be launched under the name 'Inspiration'. The special aspects of these large-format boards are the 8 mm thickness, the semi-gloss finish and 'brushed' wood or 'waste wood' decors.  

 Competence centres Baruth and Kaisersesch

All reorganisation measures at the Classen Group have now been completed. The competence centre Baruth was set up in the middle of the year and focuses on the production of laminate flooring, whilst the competence and design centre in Kaisersesch concentrates primarily on manufacturing design flooring. This is where the Classen Group manufactures combined floor coverings on HDF carriers: Comfort&Silent with a cushion vinyl layer or Prestige with a compact vinyl and Sealtec surface. And the new developments: the waterproof, natural design flooring 'NEO by Classen' as a CSF-based hard flooring, and the new 'Horizon' design flooring with an elastic surface based on the new CSF Flexboard which is due to be launched next year. The growing success of the natural design flooring 'Neo by Classen' has necessitated investments in two further production systems in Kaisersesch that will go into operation in the second half of 2015.  

'Experience in Flooring'

In 2015, under the headline 'Experience in Flooring', the Classen Group will be presenting its comprehensive competences in the field of industrial digital printing and the production of laminate flooring and design flooring at the two world leading fairs for the industry: from 17th to 20th January at the DOMOTEX, the 'world's leading fair for flooring', in Hanover, and from 19th to 24th January at the 'world's leading fair for architecture, materials and systems', the BAU in Munich.